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Structure of zirconium alloy powder coatings processed by high voltage electric discharge consolidation

Zirconium alloy powders (Zr+1% Nb) of spherical and flake forms have been consolidated by high voltage electric discharge processing. The consolidation enabled the fabrication of coatings on ceramic and metallic substrates as well as of freestanding powder components. The experimental dependence of the electric conductivity of the powders of spherical shape and flake shape on the applied pressure has been investigated. The influence of the current pulse amplitude on the final density of the consolidated zirconium powder alloy coatings on ceramic and metallic substrates and of the produced free?standing powder samples has been analyzed for different applied pressures. The maximum amplitude of the electric current density above, which the consolidation process is unstable and has a nature of blowout has been determined. The conducted metallographic analysis showed the preservation of the microstructure of initial powder particles after the process of high voltage electric discharge consolidation.

E.G. Grigoryev, L.Yu. Lebedeva, O.L. Khasanov, E.A. Olevsky Structure of Zirconium Alloy Powder Coatings Processed by High Voltage Electric Discharge Consolidation // Advanced engineering materials. 2014. V. 16. Is. 6. pp. 792 796.

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